Samos Island

Samos is one of the gems that have made the Greek islands famous all over the world. A ‘green island’ with pine forests, olive groves and citrus trees. Its endless grapevines are the source of the famous Samos wines. The greenery rolls down the hills to the coast to give way to golden sandy beaches.

The island is worldwide known for its archaeological, cultural, historical, palaeontological and ecological appeal. The road network covers the entire island, giving easy access everywhere. Furthermore, there are many footpaths, joining the traditional villages, which will satisfy the dedicated trekker. The island is certainly a must, for those who appreciate good wines, while its maginificent beaches will guarantee an unforgettable ‘epicurean’ holiday, which will satisfy body & soul.

One of the most powerful ancient Greek goddesses, Hera, was born, raised and worshiped here. Great philosophers were also born on the island: Aristarchus who was the first to postulate that the Earth is moving, Pythagoras whose theorem is linked to every problem involving geometry or trigonometry, Epicurus who set a school of philosophy bearing his name and stipulating that man is meant to have a good time.

During the 6th century BC, two working groups, under the lead of the engineer Eupalinos, dug a tunnel through mount Kastro to build an artificial channel for supplying the ancient capital of Samos with fresh water. The tunnel, with a length of 1,036 m, is famously regarded as one of the masterpieces of ancient engineering.