Useful Phone Numbers

Olympic Air: (+30) 210 3550500 (mobile), 801 801 0101 (landline)
Aegean: (+30) 210 6261000, 801 11 20000
Astra Airlines: (+30) 2310 489 392
Samos International Airport: (+30) 22730 27237, (+30) 22730 87803
Piraeus /Samos – Piraeus’ Port Authorities: (+30) 210 4511311-17, (+30) 210 4226000
Samos Port Authorities: (+30) 22730 27318, (+30) 22730 27890
Samos Tourism Police Department: (+30) 22730 81000
Municipality of Samos: (+30) 22730 81030
Post Office: (+30) 22730 61304
Police: (+30) 22730 22100
Taxi Service: (+30) 22730 28404
Hospital: (+30) 22730 83100

Close Destinations

Samos Marina can be a perfect base for launching numerous sailing trips to the nearby islands, such as: Ikaria, Fournoi, Patmos, Leros, Kalymnos, Arkoi, Lipsoi, Levitha, Kos and more.


Direct Flights to Samos from:

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland.


Pythagorion – Samos

Pythagorion is a cosmopolitan destination, bustling with life and teeming with visitors every summer. The small town is built on the south-eastern edge of the island, 12 km from Vathy, the main town and administrative capital of Samos. Travellers are captivated by its beaches, its charming Aegean architecture, its vibrancy and its beautiful nightspots. But modern Pythagoreio also hides great treasures for lovers of history and archaeology, since it is also a very ancient settlement of great archaeological significance.

The Argonaut Ancaeus, whose son Agapenor later became king of Arcadia, is considered to be the first settler of ancient Samos. Excavations at the Castle in Pythagoreio indicate that the area was inhabited from the Neolithic period at least. The ancient port of Samos was located where the town is today. Polycrates, ruler of Samos in the second half of the sixth century BC organized the construction of a number of important building projects which still impress the visitor today with their excellent standards of construction.


If near Pythagorion, it is worth visiting:

  • Statue of Pythagoras gazing at the sea to one side of the port.
  • The ruins of the Ancient City, where we can distinguish traces of the Acropolis wall.
  • The remains of the Roman Baths, at the entrance to the village.
  • The ancient Marble Theatre (4th century BC).
  • Panagia Spiliani Monastery with an excellent view of Pythagoreio.
  • The Lycourgos Logothetis Tower (19th century).
  • The Metamorfossi tou Sotira church, next to Logothetis Tower, constructed from 1831 to 1833.
  • The Archaeological Museum, hosting collections of Archaic Steles, Roman Emperors’ portraits, etc.
  • The Folklore Museum of the Cultural Foundation Nikolaos Dimitriou, in a hall of Doryssa Bay Hotel. The Museum is divided into themes, showing the everyday life of the island’s population before the 2nd World War.
  • Potokaki (2km W), a seaside village with a beautiful sandy beach.