•  24/7 CCTV System & Security
    Closed circuit television surveillance and monitoring of the premises by the marina staff, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • 24/7 Watch Tower
    A two-level watch tower in the middle of the port offers a 360-degree view of the port.
  • Safety and Fire Fighting Equipment
    Samos Marina is fully equipped with all the fire fighting equipment as well as with a specialized multi-use tender (fire-fighting through sea, thrust, big boat towing).
    Life-saving equipment (life jackets, buoys, ladders) are evenly distributed according to marine safety regulations. Furthermore, the road along the quay is specially designed to allow local fire fighting vehicles to access the piers easily and quickly.
  • Fire Detection and Warning System
    A fire detection and warning system is maintained in all the marina’s buildings and warehouses.